School Bus Tracker


It is a device installed inside the bus, which helps to get all information about the bus as well as the children travelling in it on any internet connected device or mobile phone. The technical name for the bus tracker is GPS (Global Positioning System).

What We Provide?

  • Guarantee of the Security: Security of the children is the major concern in today world with increasing terrorist activities and other criminal activities taking place. The best answer to this monstrous problem in the GPS system.
  • We will installing the GPS System which will keep in knowing the exact location of the bus on the desired time. A small device with several benefits equals the GPS system in the bus.
  • A smart card will be provided to each child using the bus services. It will be similar to the identity card given to the students by the school authority. A small card which will ensure the safety of each ward.
  • Camera and sensors will be installed by us to facilitate the parents and school authorities to get the footage of the children travelling inside the bus.
  • SMS alerts sent to the parents.


 What are the Benefits of School Bus Tracker?

  •  Safety is the key to build the reputation of the school in the eyes of the parents and GPS is the apt answer to increase the faith among the existing and prospective parents.
  • No capital expenditure to school or the bus contractors.
  • It will stop occurrence of many mishaps.
  • Parents will know how their ward is treated in the bus.
  • photographic evidence of what is happening inside the bus will be provided.
  • School authority and parents both can see the stored photographs.
  • Minimize the time children has to wait for the arrival of the bus. (SMS alerts before bus arrives for pick and drop).
  • GPS system will map the shortest route for travel.




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