Features of Vehicle Tracking System

We are providing following features in our vehicle tracking system

1. Global Positioning System:

GPS Knows Where Each Bus or vehicle is in Real Time.

2. Camera:

Camera Shows The Actual Real Time Images and Videos about the Things which  Occur in Vehicles.

3. Air Conditioning Sensors:

Air Conditioning Sensors helps to monitor the temperature of  Air condition (AC) in vehicles.

4. Fuel Sensors:

Fuel Sensors helps to monitor the consumption of fuel as well as robbery of fuel in the vehicles.


GPS and Mobile Phone Technology and its Uses:-

  • Know the location of all vehicles in your Fleet – In real time .
  • Handy for emergencies like traffic jams, Rainstorms, Riots,terrorists activities  etc.
  • Detect unscheduled stops made by the bus.
  • Be Ensured that  authorized person remains on the bus all the time.
  • Camera within the bus eliminates problematic  incidents.

No Capital Expenditure for Offices or Individual Vehicle/ Bus Contractor:-

  • Affordable rental model of service.
  • Pay quarterly.

Concern Authority Receive SMS  Reassurances About:-

  • Passengers / Employees boards / alight from the bus ; with specific location details .
  • Bus  nearing the Employees pickup/drop point.
  • Bus delays with expected time of arrival.

Installed Camera with Inside View of Bus:-

  • Photographic evidence of what is happening in the Bus/vehicles.
  • Ensure towards  any mishaps – guarantees boarders safety.
  • Photographs  can be  stored as long as required.
  • Concerned authority (Managers, HR) can view stored photographs & videos.


  • Track all buses in real-time so managers/HR can be notified of the actual arrival time of the buses.
  • Minimizing the time employees have to wait.
  • Alerts can also be set up so that fleet managers receive a message the instant buses enter a no-go zone, or drivers engage in unsafe driving.